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In 1990, Nicholas Diakogiannis started selling his handmade jewelry in the narrow streets of Plaka, under the Acropolis; he was 16 years old.

At the time, the Flea Market around Monastiraki Square in the old city used to be the meeting place for hundreds of craftsmen from the Mediterranean, Latin America, Africa and Asia.


Meeting those people, getting to know their art, and listening to their stories, got Nicholas to fall in love with the idea of traveling, exploring and discovering the various crafts, materials and techniques used in those countries.

He graduated from the State School for Gold & Silversmiths and worked under the supervision of some of the most acknowledged local craftsmen, while “building” his own workshop. The last European Glyptography Master, Nick Kielty Lambrinidis, whose work is exhibited in places such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, was by far the most influential teacher and artist for Nicholas during his training at Lambrinidis’ School of Glyptic Arts in Athens.

On his travels he got to know quite a few different crafts and cultures but in Latin America he found the aesthetics and creativity that served as an inspiration for the creation of his own personal style.

Today, Coya Artesanato is an art studio that combines a variety of original techniques with a vast number of different organic and natural materials.  At the same time, travels to Asia and South America have brought unique merchandise, carefully selected, each with its own symbolic story. Ultimately, canada pharmacy online it provides us with artifacts that are simply as unique as the fingerprint of the craftsman.

Our seaside shop at Parikia, called "Raca Humana"on the ancient island of Paros, is our trademark; an always vibrant place that friends from all over the globe agree to love and visit regularly! The latin and chill out tunes make it hard for them to stray!

Our newest shop, in Naoussa, our tucked away "Sentouki" (treasure chest in Greek),  features even more selected artifacts and it is bound to charm all our customers and more! New, clever, entirely original items and ideas together with all the classic and much loved accessories in a shop that could never disappoint a “regular”.

At the end of the summer, our e-shop will be published, making all our products available for you to purchase online. Visit us again soon!

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